The Best DIY Sandalwood Rose Perfume Recipe So Far

The Best DIY Sandalwood Rose Perfume Recipe So Far!

Not only do essential oil perfumes last longer they also have a very therapeutic impact on mind and body. The scent oils can stain your fabric hence they are used directly on skin such as rubbing a few drops on wrists or beneath the ear lobe. I even take a few drops of this DIY sandalwood rose perfume and run my fingers through my hair. It keeps me smelling good and fresh though out the day. Therapeutic benefits of sandalwood rose perfume includes mental clarity and calmness.

Three Important Notes for Creating Perfumes:

notes for creating perfume

Before starting with your DIY perfume it is important to know what the term “Note” means in aromatherapy. Every essential oil has a different rate of evaporation. This characteristic of essential oil is called a Note in aromatherapy. There are three Notes;

The Top note:


This has the tendency to evaporate quickly and generally hold the most noticeable scent in perfume. Top notes take approximately 30 to 60 minutes to evaporate. These include (mostly citrus):






Base notes:


Compounds of base note evaporate very slowly. This acts as a bridge between the top and the middle note. Base notes are deep and intense adding stability to the blend. These include (mostly woody scents):


Cedar wood



Middle Notes:


Middle notes tend to harmonize the blend. It adds body to your blend and has a soothing impact.  Middle notes generally take four to 6 hours to evaporate. These include (floral scents):





Ylang Ylang


DIY Sandalwood Rose Perfume Blend Recipe:


DIY Sandalwood Rose Perfume Blend Recipe:

  • Now that you have an understanding of the three important notes in DIY perfumes you can easily mix and match the essential oils to make a blend of your choice.
  • For my sandalwood rose perfume I prefer using:
    • sandalwood (base note)
    • Rose (Middle note)
    • Orange (top note)


A roller bottle or a Perfume bottle

Carrier oil of your choice                    4Tbsp

(coconut, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed)

Liquid Glycerin                                                ½ tsp

Sandalwood Essential Oil                   15 drops

Orange Essential Oil                           10 drops

Rose Essential Oil                               7 drops


  1. Pour you carrier oil in a glass container and start by adding a few drops of essential oils from different notes. Inhale at the opening of container to get the right aroma.
  2. Mix all ingredients in your glass container bottle. Inhale on the opening to make sure the blend is according to your personal preferences.
  3. Add a few more drops of essential oil or carrier of your choice to get the perfect blend.
  4. Let the oil sit for 24 hours to allow all the aroma from all the notes to infuse and create the blend you are aiming for.

  Enjoy your nontoxic DIY sandalwood Rose Perfume!

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