A Crazy Mama Night Serum

A crazy mama night serum

Why choose A Crazy Mama Night Serum?

It is a perfect blend of Rose-hip, Jojoba and other essential oils infused with vitamin E.
These ingredients will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots while improving skin firmness resulting in a healthy glow.
A Crazy mama face serum is formulated with rose hip oil has anti aging properties, it will not only hydrate the skin but also brighten it.
A crazy mama face serum can be customized according to your skin’s individual needs ( acne, oil control, dry skin, hydration and so much more.)
Free from chemicals and preservatives
No artificial fragrance
Packed in easy to use dropper bottle

Please do a patch test on skin before applying on face. Avoid exposure to moisture, heat and direct light.  A crazy mama products are not intended to treat skin which requires medical treatment. The products are formulated to nourish the skin using natural ingredients.

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